Sunday, February 25, 2018

Windy City Day

Boy it sure was windy today in our city - blowing a gale.  At least the towels dried quickly. 

Mum did think about going out but decided to do a few chores instead and now the carpets are hoovered and the windows have been cleaned.  Mum also promised herself that she us going to do a bit of a sort out.  So she has pulled a bag out of the wardrobe ready to do more of a cull.

So mum has given me plenty of pats, gave my furs a brushing and talked to me so I am happy.


  1. Ah! I bet you looked lovely, or even
    lovelier Poppy!x after your brush and
    pats..! :). Bless!x

    Nice cold, dry day again over here, though,
    the next few days are going to be the coldest
    for five years...Brrrrr! :(.

    I'm waiting on the SKY TV man to call, my dish
    out on the wall, needs realigning, some of the
    pictures are going a bit funny...can't have that
    on a big footballing day...HeHe! :).

  2. It’s really windy here too Poppy but very warm.
    You will feel good after all that attention.
    Watched an interesting doc. on Mary Berry at Highclare Castle (Downton Abbey). She was 82 and so amazing with her energy and interesting comments and cooking there.

  3. Oh we love the smell of freshly dried linens so then we can put our furs all over them again :-)
    Tommy and Teaghan

  4. We are glad your towels did not blow away, Poppy!

  5. Windy is every day here in southern Alberta.