Monday, October 21, 2019


Mum got some well earned sleep last night but she did not enjoy the alarm waking us up this morning.  All day she kept thinking of the chicken tacos for dinner.  She tried to give me some chicken but no thank you.  Mum gave me a fishy feast to try.  I licked the gravy off and left the bits.

Mum likes purple agapanthus.  When she was a girl neighbors down the road had a little piglet that liked to escape and run round to mums house and chew the flowers until his family came and found him.


  1. I got up at six this morning..went downstairs,
    put the kettle on..looked through the net curtains.
    and who do you think was sitting on the patio table?
    Yep! Fudge! So l had to unlock the back door, saucer
    of milk, few pheasant crumbs, tea made..back to bed!
    HeHe! Bless him!x

    Oh! You don't like chicken Poppy!x That is strange...
    Perhaps Mum ought to try you with the liver, heart and
    giblets..cooked of course..! Yum! :).

  2. Precious only likes dry chicken flavor crunchies.
    At least you had some yummy gravy.

  3. Bella was so fussy but now she eats almost everything.
    She’s a little piggy

  4. Pretty flowers, ours are pretty much all gone.