Sunday, October 6, 2019


We had some sunshine today which was lovely.  Mum had to get some sleep this morning as she had had to go into work overnight again.  One more night and then she can rest properly.  She did manage to get some washing on the line and do some other chores .  she also joined me in the garden for a wee break.


  1. Your mum has a grueling schedule, Poppy. We're glad that she has you! ♥

  2. And! We've got the sun out over here to Poppy!x
    After a few days of rain..mixed weather for the
    rest of the week..sunshine and showers..! :(.

    But! l will be able to enjoy my lunch out on the
    patio..Partridge to~day, that will please Fudge,
    he likes a bit of game, l cook a little bit for
    him separate, he does'nt really like herbs, garlic
    on his game..HeHe! Though he will sniff and have
    a little lick..! Naughty boy..! :).

  3. That sunshine sure looks delightful, Poppy. We bet Mum is looking forward to getting some proper rest. Hugs to you both.

  4. We had one day of sunshine. And then poof. It was gone again
    Hopefully the lovely weather starts soon and it continues to get better