Saturday, October 12, 2019


Mum might have to put up some old photos this weekend like this one of the poppies at our old place.  The weather is grey and dull outside and I'm choosing to snooze the day away.  Mum had a big old sleep in too, and has to go to work this afternoon.  She made a big lunch of creamed sweetcorn and cheese toasted sandwiches for lunch and has some tasty pasta to take to work with her.  Me - I had biscuits all day.

We hope you have some fun today on your Caturday.


  1. It won't be daylight for another hour over
    here Poppy!x I hate the dark morning..Still,
    l've made myself my lemon tea, back to bed
    for half hour, and watch the upsetting news
    happening around the world..Or! I may watch
    cartoons..! HeHe!

  2. It is horrible here too with heavy rain for the last 4 days and forecast to continue through next week. I am glad your mum managed to get a good sleep.

  3. Sleeping is the best when it's grey outside, snoozing is always what my three fur kids do too on such days.

  4. Sorry the weather is so unpleasant there, Poppy. We hope it gets better soon.