Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Post Operation

Hello my friends.  It has been a tough 24 hours.   Last time I had to go and have a senior check mum got told that it was time I had my teeth operated on.  Mum agreed to book it in, but was understandably nervous, as I am now 13 and have both a heart murmur and an arrhythmia.   The last time I had a dental operation, mum had starved me at home from 10pm, and I did not like it.  I jumped on her all night and howled for 8 hours straight.  This time mum felt incredibly guilty, but she booked me into the cattery the night before.

She told them to go ahead and do what was needed, so when the phone went off at 1.30pm mum was thinking the worst.  Instead it was the vet ringing to say that they had tried to extract the tooth, but the root was stuck and unable to be fully removed as it was so crumbly.   Mum said that they should do whatever they thought was best - what else could she say?  So I am minus a tooth.

So when she picked me up it was only at 4pm, but boy was she pleased to see me.  She got me home and tried to keep me still and quiet, although I did annoy her by trying to do a couple of wobbly walks and jumping onto the bed and missing.  She got me settled and I had a big sleep.

She has come into see me a couple of times, and every time she talks to me I purr and purr at her.  I ate a half a fancy feast for dinner, and even took my pain relief ok, even if a little bit dribbled onto my chin.  Good luck with the antibiotics in the next couple of days though mum.

So at the moment I am tucked up in my little warm bed next to the heater.  This photo was taken when I got home.  I wanted my bag and my mum and a little sleep.  Mum will take care of me tonight and let you know how I am tomorrow.  Nite Nite!!


  1. Ah! Bless! I got upset when starting to read
    this Poppy!x But! It got better as l read on....
    So, take your antibiotics like a good girl, and
    you'll be right as rain very they say!

    Nite! Nite! Sweetheart..Nite! Nite! God Bless!x

  2. Oh, Poppy, you poor sweetie. Lots and lots of healing purrs from us. Tooth extractions are no fun, as both Nicki and Derry know only too well. Feel better soon; hugs to your mum!

  3. poppy...we haz been off line fora few; we R sorree ya had ta go
    thru all thiz...N we iz buzzed happee yur bak francis'
    blessings two ewe fora speedee N full ree coveree ♥♥♥♥♥

  4. poppy we iz so sorree. i haz gone thru dat too. hope yooz feel better soon

  5. Good Heavens, Poppy, what an ordeal. The tooth came out, though, did it? That’s good. And tell your mum not to worry (good luck with that, eh?): my Josie is two years older than you and she had all but three of her teeth removed last year. She did just fine. You are in pretty good health, Poppy, and that means a lot when going in for surgery.

    Is there any way that your mum could get pain-killers in liquid form? I always ask for that; even if it can’t go in with the food, a quick forcing of the syringe in the mouth and it’s done.

    In any case, I am glad it’s over. Tell your mum that cat’s recover well and quickly from such things. But I don’t doubt that you purred so much with your mum. You were back with the human who loves you, my girl.

  6. Poor Poppy, my Precious just had a tooth taken out yesterday too. She is not eating and I did get
    her liquid pain med down today. Thankfully she got an injection for antibiotic that lasts 2 weeks.
    Glad you ate a bit Poppy. Hopefully my girl will soon.

  7. pleased it is all over - well that is bar the pills. ((HUGS)) to Poppy Q and you too.
    Love L

  8. Aw little one. You get better very soon. I hate to hear of cats having surgery but it was for the best and now that Fancy Feast will taste even better. :-) xo

  9. Poor You dear Poppy. And poor Mum cos I know she will be worrying about you. I hope you feel better real soon & you take your antibiotics like a good wee girl. Sending hugs (gentle ones) from Pippi & Black. xx

  10. Heal fast, Poppy! At least the bad part is over.