Friday, December 3, 2021


 Thursday is rubbish day.  Mum put her recycling out on Wednesday night, and the rubbish bags out on her sleep in day at about 07.28 as she left the house in a hurry.  When she got home in the evening all the rubbish bags were still on our street.  Our street is very narrow and steep, so the big rubbish truck can't come up, just a small one is sent.  All the other streets around ours were cleared, just not ours.  

So mum rung the council and got a lecture about how the bags should be out by 7am.  In the four years we have lived here mum has never seen our rubbish collected before midday.  To their credit they came and collected the general rubbish at 5.30am.  No recycling pick up though.

So mum emailed the council this morning on her way to work and again this evening when she returned home at 8pm.  What a fun game she is having!!!

First world problems huh.


  1. If the drivers don't come that early in the morning oh, then it seems to me that your mum had things out there plenty early. Makes you wonder, was the truck driver somewhere having a cup of coffee or a cup of tea instead of driving up the hill?

  2. They missed your street, there was no reason to give your mum a lecture. Gees. Good luck with the recycling. Do you compost too? We've had composting for a number of years now, they do pick that up every week. (Recycling is different: plastics one week, paper the next.) The biped learned one winter that they can't take the compost bags out of the bin if they're all frozen. LOL. (She didn't realize they had frozen.)

  3. Good for Mum for being proactive. Have a sweet night.

  4. Life can be so difficult. I hope Mums got it sorted. I had a note left in my letter box about a parcel not being able to be left because my electric gates were shut. That was the first day I had them in. I made sure they were open ready the next day but nothing. I rang the country post shop and they. Said after one go you have to pick it up yourself. Such a lovely lady. She asked her staff if anyone came near here and some kind person brought the box on their way home. Ive had a lot of kind people coming recently. Gives me faith inhuman nature . The world isinsuch a terrible state. Poppy sweetheart there are a lot of advantages in being a puddy cat. A wonderful mum, a warm bed, a plastic bag and temptations. What else could you wish for. xxx

  5. poppy Q...good for mum; wear we live de trash and recycling pick up iz spozed ta bee on frydayz...

    and if de companee getz heer on fryday itz amazing....

    peepulz call N complain... N it doez noe good....ther eggz cuze iz...knot enuff help....

    ewe can betcha tho that de invoice better be paid ON TIME~~~~~~~ faaaaaaaa

    happee week end two ewe N well ♥♥

  6. Our trash pick up is on Thursday. The truck comes most any time between 8 AM and 3 PM. Mum moves the bin out the night before to be safe.

  7. How rude of the council to lecture your mum like that, when it's their issue.

  8. It's fun dealing with bureaucracy, isn't it?