Sunday, January 23, 2022


 Its Sunday evening and its beginning to get dark at 8.45pm.  Today has been a bit of an odd one, as the government is changing rules now as Omnicron has arrived in the country.  Mum gotvsome groceries ordered for delivery in the afternoon and tried to keep herself busy all day.  She did dishes, washing, swept up leaves from down the path and hoovered.  Groceries got put away and dinner made.  She found a supply of fancy feast to be delivered so she knows we have enough if we have to isolate.   We watched the news where supermarket shelves in Australia have been cleared out.  Mum had restocked the pantry and freezer so we're ok.  

I spent the day and evening furring up the new quilt.  

Oh and want to hear someone funny.  Mum was watching the news while she dried her hair this morning.   She thought it said that hairdressers would have to close,  and mum was hanging out for her February appointment, so she stomped into the bathroom and gave her fringe/bangs a sneaky wee trim as she was annoyed with it hanging in her eyes.  When she checked the website she found out that she can keep her appointment as long as she shows her vaccine pass.  Oh well it will settle in the next couple of weeks before her appointment. 


  1. Hi Poppy. We sure are glad your mum thought ahead like she did, and that the two of you will be okay if you have to isolate in place. The story about you mum trimming her own bangs made us chuckle. Hugs!

  2. It sounds like you and your mum are all preparade - even with hairdressers. Keep the supplies stocked up as you use them!

  3. It sounds like you and your human are well prepared for this virus, Poppy.