Thursday, December 15, 2022


 After three summer hot days the rain came down overnight, and it has rained all day today cooling us down.  Finally mum will be able to sleep tonight,  although it is likely to remain 21 deg C overnight.  Mum gave in and has ordered a fan.  She would love a fancy Dyson, but checked out the prices at the stores yesterday and at $750 they are out of our budget.  So a kmart $79 option will be fine,  especially when mum is on nightshift and has to sleep during the day.  In reality we only have about 8 weeks of hot weather in the year.

Watching the news it looks so cold in the northern hemisphere.   We hope all of our friends are keeping warm and cozy.


  1. You look great outside, Poppy, prowling your territory. Best of all, you look warm. LOL. Yes, it's freezing here in Ontario, Canada, and there is a massive "Colorado Low" coming up from the States that will hit us this afternoon and into Saturday, dumping lots of snow. That's one US export we could do without. LOL.

    Take care and enjoy the sunshine for us! (P.S. Are the Dyson's really worth the money? They are way out of the biped's budget too!)

    1. Kim, i go and stand in the store and the Dyson hot + cool fan is pretty cooling, and reasonably quiet. Not sure if it is worth 10x the price.

  2. Whatever the cost a fan is good. Mum uses them too.

  3. The cost of a Dyson is prohibitive in any currency, I think. (I smiled at "Kmart"; we had Kmarts, too, and I wonder if it's the same chain.) It's only -4 degrees Celsius here, which is very mild for December in these parts, but it is predicted to drop to -27 C next week. Brrrr.

  4. We were cloudy, dark and wet today and more of the same for the remainder of the week. No ac but plenty of breeze. Hope the new fan works for you both. Cannot afford Dyson here either.