Friday, December 16, 2022


 Its Friday night and mum gave in and put the birdie quilt back on the bed the way I like it.  It's almost midnight and our doors and windows are open to let the breeze in.  This is the first weekend mum has finished by 5pm in a few weeks and has some time to relax.  She stocked up on feast for me and a subway sandwich for her dinner.

After 4 nights with only about 4 hours sleep mum is ready for a good nights rest.  I'll show her how to do it.


  1. Yeah, help your mum get her rest. Purr her to sleep.

  2. With the quilt back the proper way, Poppy, both you and your mum will get a good rest.

  3. Snuggle on her chest and purr her to sleep, Works every time