Monday, December 19, 2022



After days of rain and drizzle we had a touch of afternoon sunshine.  Mum walked home up the hill with some Christmas groceries and she wondered how she could spend $90 and only have enough ingredients for one meal?

She got home and fed me my feast then opened the windows, and washed some clothes which only got half dry in the summer afternoon breeze.  The rain is set to return tomorrow until Saturday with maybe sunshine on Christmas day.  Not a day she planned on doing chores, but the washing will be piling up by then, and it may dry while she is working.

I am sleeping a lot now.  Dinner was at 4pm, and i have only got up once for a 10 minute wander and have missed the evening.  


  1. You're just being a very snoozy Kitty. Sorry about the rain and the wet laundry. If we hung ours up here it would just be frozen solid.

  2. Older kitties sleep a lot. Sorry about Mum's washing and no sun. That's a pain.

  3. We are getting our first sunshine in TWO WEEKS today. Making me and mum happy.

  4. Oh, the cost of groceries--for humans and pets--is through the roof and absolutely absurd. We have no idea how the weekly rising prices can be justified.

    Anyway! We hope you have a lovely, sunny and warm Christmas. We think we're having (more) snow, so it's definitely a white Christmas in our area this year.

  5. We might have temperatures above -10 C on Christmas...