Monday, December 5, 2022

Silent Protest

 Mums day off today felt both lazy and busy.  A sleep in, washing done and on the line, the bed stripped and some tidying done before mum headed out.  The sun was out, and with podcasts to listen to, mum walked to the main post office to pick up a parcel.  Of course it is not called a post office now and is heavily disguised in a huge building with rubbish signage.  What a pain!!

Mum got groceries and then came home to talk to me and then sit in the sun and read, before cooking a roast chicken + veg for her dinner.  Once she tackled the bed, she felt like a summery change with new pillowcases on and flicked the bed cover upside down.  I'm not sure that i am happy with that decision.   I've plonked myself on the part I like, and I'm not moving mum!!!


  1. No matter what, your mum was extremely busy. However I understand you wanting your favorite blanket in your favorite spot. Some things just shouldn't change.

  2. I always claim my favorite spot in the bed too. Can't sleep unless I do. Sounds like Mum had a busy day.

  3. Oh oh, it's not good when a cat disagrees with decor...