Friday, December 30, 2022


 Mum finished her 7 day stretch of work today, and is looking forward to days off.  After days of hot sunny weather,  it was windy and spitting rain after work and she regretted not bringing a sweater.   Still she was so happy to finish work she didn't care, and picked up library books and groceries on the way home.

I was waiting for my feast, and mum cooked up some fluffy rice and thai chicken curry for her dinner and then relaxed for the evening.   She has had a slight cough, but after testing doesn't think she has Covid, but needs to get a good nights rest tonight.  Yippee for days off.


  1. I hope your mum has relaxing time off, and hope her cough gets better.

  2. We hope your mum feels better now and that you both enjoy her time off. ♥

  3. Hope your feeling better soon.
    It’s nice you have time off during the New Years celebration
    That means you can stay home and avoid all the kerfluffle.
    I much better way to see in a new year in my books.

  4. Happy New Year Poppy and Mum and I hope Mum feels better soon!

  5. I think rest is always a good preventative for ill health, Poppy. Those shifts of your mum's can lay anyone low. But what a nice home-coming after the last of a long stretch of work: you, a good dinner, a relaxing evening in a cosy home on a cool, wet night. Enjoy!