Friday, January 11, 2008

Hello My Friday Friend

Hello Friday - Hello Friend.

Clues for this week:
  • She has a name like candy

  • Loves all the animals in the world

  • Lives in Texas with her two sisters, and two beans.

Hello J B (Jellybean) you is my Friday friend for this week.

JB lives with her sisters Misty and PooPoo and her mom and dad in Texas in the US. Daddy Len is a pilot who goes to all kind of cool places, but I don't think the kittycats go with him. Misty is the dark pussycat girl, and Poopoo is the calico girl pussycat.

Now I did not know until today, that JB runs two blogs. One is called JB's Small world which is about life at home, and JB's Big world is about lovely animbals from around the world. All the photos on this blog are from JBs famblies and friends of all the great animbals they have seen around the world. There is kangaroos, lions, crabs, birds (and other yummy treats!!).

Small world here:

Big world here:

Please drop over and show JB some love.

Have a great weekend every cat and bean.

Poppy Q


  1. We like to visit JB's bloggies! He's a great new pal!

  2. Hi Poppy Q,
    Thank you SO much for mentioned me in your blog! My mom is at the airport right now leaving for a weekend trip to California, and she called home to let me know! We 3 girls at my house are super excited to be your Friday friend! I am not sure how much I will be able to write to everyone this weekend, cuz mom will be away.....but she did bring her we'll see!
    P.S. I am not alone this least I have my Daddy Len to snuggle with!

  3. I know Jellybean! She's a great kitty!

  4. We came across jbsbigworld once but forgot about it. It was a nice place to visit, as his JB's personal blog.

    We're glad you formally introduced us. You're so good about this.

    jans funny farm

  5. We like JB too. We been visiting her big world, and only discovered her small world two days ago. We came to tell you we gave you the Bloggers of the world award, then we saw you already got it. That's ok though cuz great minds fink alike.