Friday, January 25, 2008

My Friday Friend

Hello my lovely Friday Friend:

  • She is a lovely lady and her whiskers have grown back now (she had four for a while)
  • She lives in one of my mums favourite cities
  • She loves turkey (even if she is on a special diet)
My Friday Friend this week is Storm . Storm (the furry fighter) is my special meezer friend and she lives in a nice house in London, with her two beans having spectacular views over lots of tourist spots. My mum has a special soft spot for London, as she lived there for a couple of years, a long time ago.

Storm is 11 years old and has Lymphoma which is a type of cancer. She has had some chemo and is doing really good at the moment. One of my mums friends cats has lymphoma too, and they has to go for chemo every month so we know how rough it can be. For stormy, a good day is one where she feels like eating and not being sick. Every day is a bonus, and Storm keeps us entertained through each one - you is a star!!

Storm also lives with Castle, her brother and litter mate, who I learnt loves to play with eggs. How cool is that, I is sure you need tons of balance and skill not to break the little eggies. Castle also has another interesting hobby - sniffing Storms number 13 spot!!

Thank you for being my friend Storm, and I love reading your blog.

poppy Q


  1. This is such a lovely surprise Poppy Q!!! I am so honoured to feature on your blog like this! I am glad you mentioned Castle cos he gets a bit jealous sometimes of all the attention I get.

    I am sorry to hear bout your friend's cat who is going through the chemo, is the puddin' coping ok? I was fine with mine and only had a rough patch at week 23 out of 26 weeks. I hope your friend is sailing through it and having good results too.

    I have been in remission since April 07 now and if you met me you would have no idea that I had been ill, I am just like a normal cat (except for the on-off constipation/sick-ups!). As you say, every day is a bonus.

    You chose such lovely images of me, thank you so much my friend *big grin*

    ps - my whiskers are almost fully grown back now :)

  2. We love Storm amd Castle too! Storm has got the best kitty attitude I have ever known!

  3. Storm and Castle are super cool kitties! Those are great pics of them, Poppy! Happy Weekend to you!


  4. I love reading Storm's blog, too. She is very brave and funny, too.

  5. Storm and Castle seem like very nice cats. Thank you for introducing us, I don't know them yet, but I will go to their blog and meet them.

    I hope Storm feels better real fast!

  6. Great choice Poppy! Storm and Castle are lovely cats and very funny too. Storm is very brave. I hope your friend's cat is coping well:) xxx

  7. Yes, we like Storm too. She's a great kitty!

    jans funny farm