Friday, January 4, 2008

My Friday Friend - 1/2008

Hello first Friday of the Noo Year. You must be ready for MY FRIDAY FRIEND.
This is where I gets to tell you about other cat bloggers. You see my friends and fambly don't have hours of spare time, unlike the secretary, to search the cat blogosphere for other cat bloggers. So this is where I am able to introduce you to my friends.
This weeks clues:
  • There is three of dem and they lives in O-H-I-O (thats where the famous Parker fambly lives too!).

  • They only chose their beans this year - lucky beans

  • Their beans had a pussycat hole in their hearts after they lost their special friend Clyde in February 07. They filled it with..........................................................................

My Friday Friends : THE Furry Bambinos .Dis is them:

Padre is a lovely silver tabby boy who was abandoned by previous owners and dumped at a vets office. He is about 4 or 5 years old. He likes to chatter at birds, yodel and sleep on his daddys lap.

Panda and his sister Meercat, were born under a porch and didn't have anybeans or vets to looks after dem for a while. So they both had bad eye infections, Panda ended up having to lose one of his eyes. That doesn't slow this nosey boy down, no sirree. Apparently he likes to explore and is very curious. He does not usually like to dress up like this every day, but one picture for a christmas card is ok.

Meerkcat is the girl of the group, she likes to make little chirpy noises and eats like a meerkat. She loves temptations, sitting on her mommys lap and to play with chase em toys with her daddy.
Thank you for being my first Friday Friends of the year. Furry Bambinos, I is glad I has met you.


  1. Hello Furry Bambinos!! It still amazes me that cats can live and eat together without fighting all the time. Guess I'm just a bit of a lonecat...

  2. Poppy Q,

    Thanks so much!! We is thrilled and honored to be chosen to be highlighted on your bloggie!!

    We will put a post on our bloggie so that cats who come to our site come to visit yours.

    Padre, Panda Bear, and Meerkat

  3. I have great neighbors! O Hi O is a great place for kitties to live!

  4. Thank you Poppy Q for the introductions, I will go over right now and say Hi. FAZ

    p.s. having a cracking weekend!

  5. Your furry friends are very nice! I think Karl has visited them before but he is not sure anymore....
    Come and check out our first class cabin on the Antarctic Cruise ship!
    Karl and Ruis

  6. I met the Furry Bambinos not too long ago. They are nice!

  7. They look like nice kitties. We like the pikchur of them all in a row.

  8. Welcome Furry Bambinos! Nice to meet you. I love the photo of the three of you. I am glad you have found some nice beans to take care of you.