Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sorry about the wait Miss Millie

My super bloggin friend Darling Millie tagged me for the what would you do meme. I has already done it before, but I can think of three things I would do, if I didn't get into trouble or get caught. Fank you Millie.

Let me think!

  1. Grow my own mousie farm. If Daisy can grow seak monkeys inside, why won't mum let me have mousies?
  2. Win the big lotto so me and my mum could have a big house. Mum says she would also buy a shop, where we could both go together every day. She went to an antique shop in the middle of winter, where they had a log fire, a big basket and a big sleepy meezer curled up by the fire. Mums idea of a great job.
  3. I would get a big dog to chase any introoders away from my turf!! One that would be nice to me.

Do you like my blue photo. Mum has been trying new things on the camera. That is how come she got the nice green garden shots this week. This one is of me reading her paper - she doesn't know why it comed out blue.

Have a good weekend everycat and bean.

Poppy Q


  1. I like the number 2 idea! And your blue photo!!~Queen SNickers

  2. yes, one must has a good trained woofy if one has a woofy at all. They must realwize that we kittehs rule the house and the woofy is there to protecteds us!

  3. Those are some nice things you would do. I especially liked the mousie farm.

    My mommie and I are having lots of fun blogging and we have met lots of nice kitties and beans.

  4. We love your blue photo! it's furry unique.

    Growing a mousie farm sounds like a great idea! You would have so much fun.

  5. We love your blue picture! No matter what expression you put on - you always look beautiful!

  6. Hey, you gave me a good idea! Maybe I could have a lizard farm!

  7. Those are 3 excellent things to wish to do! Have a great weekend, Poppy Q and your Mum :-)

  8. Poppy, we love number 2 as well - it'd be purrfect for you and your mum. Nice blue effects on your photo too,


    Gypsy & Tasha