Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tracking down a fountain

My friends at Forty Paws got one of these as a chrismouse present. It is called a Drinkwell Platinum cat fountain. Apparently it is awesome, and mum says it is just what I need. You see I likes to drink my water fresh from the tap, so I has to yow and yow and gets her to go to the bath and turn my tap on, a couple of times a day.

So she has had to email the big online petstore here, and the makers all the way in America to see if she can find any stockists here. She looked on ebay, but the postage was as much as the fountain cost!! We have found a shop that sells them online from Australia, so if we have no luck here, we might buy from there.

Does any of yoose has one of these? Are they great?
I wonder also if there are forty paws in your house, don't you need a whole lot of these?

Poppy Q


  1. We don't have one of those for our kitties. I hope your Mum can find one closer, so she doesn't have to pay outrageous postage fees. Good luck to her in her hunt!

  2. oooo try they might be able to send you one. I like mine. It did take a while to get used to the noise. I didn't like it at first.

    Good luck!!

    PS I'm an only kitty and it works for me!

  3. That looks like a really kool fountain! I don't drinkie outta the sink, but Brainball and Dorydoo do.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  4. I don't have one, but remember if you order them, make sure the power cord etc works where you are. You might need a converter.

  5. Wow. Looks pretty spiffy! Let me know if you get one and how it goes. I don't think it would be for me, I'm a bit scared of taps. I like my water still.

  6. Poppy Q,

    Thank you for your extra kind purrs and words of encouragement.

    My grandbeanmom is feeling very better today.

    It's very nice to meet you. Good luck with the fountain hunt.

    Love and purrs,

  7. Oh dear...I do hope you find one nearby soon!

  8. Huh, I can ask MomBean to see how much it would cost to mail it to you if you want.

  9. We wish you luck in finding one at a decent shipping price. Postage is terrible. If it wasn't, we'd mail ourselves to Florida for the winter.

    jans funny farm

  10. I have that exact fountain! I used to have the old model Drinkwell, but my Mommie kept putting it in the dishwasher and it finally got a little bit melted. The new one is supposed to be dishwasher safe, but I am making my Mommie wash it by hand, just to be safe. It holds a lot of water. I like to drink from the stream, and Pixie drinks from the bowl part. I hope you can find one!

  11. Poppy - we just ordered one two days ago from Sydney. It was on sale for A$99.95 plus $9 postage.

    We just left a message for them to call us and give us details for info on posting to NZ for you. It's afterhours and they will call us back tomorrow.

    Here is the website:

    And we are dealing with a nice guy called Steve. He got it shipped down from their warehouse in Brisbane for us.

    We are supposed to get it by middle of next week. :)

  12. I am trying to get my mom to buy us one.....forty paws told us where to find one here in Dallas.

  13. We had a fountain similar to that and we liked it a lot. But then the motor started making funny noises and Mom was afraid it might catch fire or something, so she disconnected it.

    (sigh) Now we're forced to drink water from a regular bowl until she gets a chance to go out and find another fountain.


  14. Poppy Q,

    We love our fountain! Panda Bear and Meerkat drink from the stream, and Padre drinks from the bowl.

    Mom and Dad used to have a kitty named Mohawk who loved to drink from the faucet. He probably would have liked the fountain, too.

    Padre, Panda Bear, and Meerkat

  15. We've used Drinkwell fountains for several years. My first one lasted at least 5 years before the motor died (would have lasted longer 'cept someone kept letting it go too long without adding water) and now we are on our second fountain. We have the one that has the extra water bottle dispenser and with 5 cats it still lasts a while. Definitely recommended - 10 paws up here!