Sunday, January 13, 2008

Now Annie is missing.

This is Annie she is missing too! Please come home Annie you has a warm bed, food and cuddles waiting for yoo at your castle.

I guess this is the time that I mention, that I wear a collar with a tag giving my name, secretaries phone number and my address on it. I also has a microchip. See the picture below, it shows how small it is. Thems don't hurt - I was only 8 weeks old when I had mine and I didn't cry or wriggle.

I know that lots of your beans are thinking they are a good idea - if you get found they just pass a supermarket scanner over you. Instead of saying how much you cost, it tells them where you live and who your beans are and their phone numbers.

Because I is an indoor/outdoor cat mum is more worried that somone may steal me, cause I am cute!! But she knows if they ever took me to the vet or shelter they would find her.

Maybe we should make 2008 microchip year!!!

Please come home Mao and Annie. Your beans need you. I am purring that your get home quickly and safely.

Poppy Q


  1. We are purraying for Annie and Mao both to come home ~the FLuffy Tribe

  2. We are purrring for them both and Annie has been spotted outside near the house. This is good news! Now we need to purr for Mao to come back, too. We like your Amber Alert Idea, will have to give it a cool name.
    Your FL furiends,

  3. We agree, we like the idea of making 2008 the Year of the Microchip!