Saturday, January 5, 2008


You know (or may not know) that the secratary entered this photo into the Cats in Boxes website which has photos of cats in boxes. Well I won the July cat of the month (just like playboy!! - except no centrefold or rude bits).

A couple of days ago they announced that I won - CUTEST CAT OF THE YEAR FOR 2007!! Sadly I was not their cat of the year, another handsome pussycat gets that award. Anyways these are the pictures from when I was an itty bitty kitty.

I didn't actually win anything either. I'm still waiting for mum to buy me my diamond crown and satin cross over your chest thing that says "Cutest cat of the year".

That's alright mum, I'll settle for a slice of ham. Now if only my mum could win, win Lotto that is.
Another sooper blogger Baby Mao - He won as well. He got Funniest cat of the year. You can go to his post at: I Was Cat of the Year! to read about it too.
Us cat bloggers, we is taking over the universe!!
Poppy Q


  1. Poppy - you are sooo cute! Congratulations! We've already been over at baby Mao's place - you both deserve this honor very much!
    We are at the South Pole today!!!
    Karl and Ruis

  2. G'day

    Concatulations on your award. We just can't let mum see your piccies, 'cos you were just such a cute little baby kitty, that she might start thinking she wants one like you. You are such a natural with the camera, and you've got box-sitting down to a fine art.

    Purrs & Headbutts

    Gypsy & Tasha

  3. oooh congratulations! you are indeed cute cute cute! :)

  4. Congratulations, Poppy Q! You look adorable in that box!



  5. Oh WOW! Congratulations, Poppy Q! That is a great honor. But I can see why you won, because you look so adorable!

  6. Oh, my comment got lost in cyberspace.

    Congratulations on your prestigous award! You are one cute kitty that's for sure. As a mother, I am very proud of you for winning and not showing your #13 or anything else to get noticed.

    I hope your Mum gives you a nice piece of ham to eat and let's you watch a fishing video. Of course, I think she ought to get you a pretty pink pillow to sit on and a nice little tiara to go with it.

    Have a wonderful day.

  7. Congratulations! The photos made mommy go AWWWWW!!


  8. Congratulations on your win! Obviously well deserved. What absolutely adorable pictures of you when you were younger and in a box :-D

  9. You should get the diamond cwown!

  10. Congratulations, you are certainly one cute cat!

    But we dogs disagree with you that cats are taking over the world.

    Jan's Funny Farm

  11. wow poppy, you truly are the cutest cat in a box EVER!!

    I mean, how couldn't I fall for those eyes?

    Baby Mao xx

  12. How adorable - no wonder you won! Congratulations!

  13. congratulations! that's a great picture.

  14. Congrats, Poppy Q!! Simply adorable!

  15. Well, he may have been "cat o' the year" but he is one UGLY thang!!!

    You really deserved the crown. You're adorable! And I don't even know any cats....yet....