Saturday, October 22, 2011

Big Saturday

Today mum went to the hairdressers.  The lady next to her was being very bossy to her girl colouring her hair.  My mum though, she tries to stay chilled, and she cringes when customers are rude.  She arrives early and knows that on Saturday it is busy busy at the salon, and her hairdresser who is the salon manager has to keep everybody happy. 

She also went to the V.E.Ts to get some flea stuff, and to make an appointment for me.  The lady waiting said she had a British Blue too, and she was buying diet biscuits.  It seems we are all on a diet, it must be our build.

The reason it's a big weekend here in NZ - the rugby world cup final is on tomorrow.  Every kiwi, big and small has been waiting for this day.  The whole four million of us will be holding our breath, and waiting for kick off on Sunday night at 9pm.  Go the All Blacks!!


  1. My dad says you have an absolutely beautiful face!

  2. as France knocked us out I am supporting the All Blacks!

  3. You are looking especially gorgeous today, Pops. Sideways head suits you.

    Our mum is very excited about tomorrow! She can still remember the disappointment sitting up in the middle of the night in 1995 with half a bag of salt and vinegar chips wondering what was making Jeff Wilson sick. Let the game begin! :)

  4. Yes, it is your build, Poppy. You're just big boned! There you go!

    To the 4 million Kiwis add all of NZ's fans and supporters around the world! Go All Blacks!

  5. Poppy, Our Mommy says you get more flies with honey than vinegar, and it pays to be nice to folks. We just want the flies!
    You look rather emaciated and we think NO diet biscuits for you, hee hee!

  6. Those are beautiful and mum says she cringes as well when people are rude.. Hugs GJ xx