Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday Adventures

Mums adventures on sunday took her to the park to see these gusy - the All Blacks vs Canada, at the Rugby World Cup.  Mum and her friend had great seats, they were in the second row just in front of this try line.  That means that the All Blacks warmed up right in front of them, and came running out just beside them.  Also lots of great tries were scored right in front of the seats.  Canada did an awesome job, and mum said there was lots of cheering for them.

It was cold and rainy and poor mum didn't feel too well.  She coughed so hard that her tummy got upset, and thought she might need to leave.  But she stuck it out and came home and told me all about it on the couch.

Today though - wow it is pouring with rain.  Mum had lots of outdoors plans that she has had to shelve, she wanted to go to the botanical garden and see the tulip display, and got for  a walk downtown.  Instead she has stayed at home again, and is waiting for a break in the rain to go and get the groceries.


  1. My dad is a fan of all black too !!
    Every time they play dad have to watch it ! I like them because they wear black as me..tee..heh

  2. Better to stay in and be dry, that to get sick outside.

  3. Me--I'd rather be inside. There's nothing so cool outside that I have to see it in the rain!

  4. Stayin dry is preferable. But, it is more preferable to haf plenty of stinky goodness from the store!

  5. Our mom saw part of that game on TV, but was distracted by the "yummy thighs." (She's middle-aged, not dead!)

    Purrs that your mum feels much better soon!

  6. We've been watching the ABs too, although our seats haven't been as good as your mum's! How cool :)

  7. The All Blacks are AWSOME, Poppy!
    Sorry to hear your mum is poorly. But as always, we know
    you will take excellent care of her. Keep the house warm and dry and be sure she drinks lots of fluids. Love and smooches.

  8. Go ALL BLACK!
    This coming weekend is the real deal!!