Monday, October 10, 2011

Spring Flowers

Mum had a good weekend, and is a little sad that it is over, and the rugby carnival is leaving our town.  So after work, she got some tasty food in and when she went past her friends florist shop, she picked up one of the small $5 bunches she makes for locals (not as grand as the ones in this picture).

As she walked up the hill towards home she was joined by a little girl, about four with her mum going home from creche.  The little girl told mum that she loved her flowers, and they all chatted into mums street.  Mum waved goodbye and the little girl and her mum put their bags into the car, so my mum ran back and gave the little girl her flowers and told her to enjoy them.  She hopes the two girls are happy with their flowers, and mum will go back and get some tomorrow.


  1. Poppy Q,
    You've got a wonderful mum for being so thoughtful...that was a very nice thing for her to do!

    We hope you have a very good week!

    Take care,
    The Whiskers & Purrs Gang...and Mama Jenny, too!

  2. Oh Poppy - you have such a LOVELY mum.

  3. Oh !!!! Poppy !!! Your mom is so sweet !!!!!

    My mom used to do that once too. She went to cut her hair and the girl who washed her hair is a trainee, just works there for school holiday. she told my mom it's her birthday and she didn't get any present but she is happy she turn to be 18, so after mom had done with her hair, she went out and buy a bunch of flower for that girl : )

    But I think my mom version is not sweet like your mom, dad said sound like a boy bought flowers for the girl..tee..heh

    Thanks for lovely story

  4. Random acts of kindness are love in motion ♥

  5. Aw, Poppy, that was wonderful, your mum giving the little girl the flowers. We're sure that made their day! And maybe they'll be inspired to pay it forward, too. :-)

  6. Aww, what a lovely thing for your mum to do.

  7. That was so nice of your Mum! How very cool.

  8. That was very sweet of your Mom. WE know that little girl will treasure the flowers and the memory!

  9. That's a lovely way to make a little girl's day!

  10. That was the sweetest thing your mum did, Poppy!