Monday, October 17, 2011


 This morning, mum was at work at 6am, and she was reading some blogs while waiting for her scanner to switch on.  She read about her sweet friend Miss Parker, who has been given a sad diagnosis.  We know though that her lovely rents and fur family will surround her love and that she knows we are all purring for our lovely girl.
Last night there were tears of joy around NZ, as the All Blacks beat the Wallabies in the Rugby World Cup semi final.  Next Sunday night we play France in the final, and have a chance of winning the cup.  You see it has been a long long 24 years since we won, and the past week all of us have been holding our breath, just hoping.  Especially this year - it's been tough.  NZ has done the recession tough, and with the Pike River mine disaster, the Canterbury earthquake and now this oil spill, we all need some good news. 


  1. It is sad about Parker, but I think her parents are doing the best thing. We will purr hard for your team to win the cup!!!

  2. Oh really, that's great too, and we're praying and hoping that your team will win the cup and more power to you!

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  3. We have cried about Parker too # such sad news. Sending purrs.

  4. Miss Poppy Q and Mum - we love you too - thanks for thinking of us. It means a lot.

  5. Many purrs for Miss Parker as she crosses the rainbow bridge, to frolic in the endlessness of peace and love =^..^=

    Love the cartoon Poppy ;)

  6. Oooh doh didn't realise it's 24 years! really?! it was such an awesome win!!! had my all black t shirt on the whole time! stoked! now weekend hurry up!