Saturday, December 29, 2012


It is Caturday here in Chez Q.  Lots of relaxing going on here.  Mum went out with one of her besties and went to see The Hobbit, at Peter Jacksons local movie theatre, The Roxy just down the road from Weta Workshop the Miramar studio where much of it was made.  She saw the 3D version and quite enjoyed it.  It took a while to get used to the way it was filmed and the glasses.  There were too many orcs and battles, but it was better than mum had expected, especially as she felt a bit meh about it.

So the pill popping - a couple of issues:

  • Greenies pill pockets aren't sold in NZ and noone on Ebay will send them to this far flung corner of the world.
  • I don't like the people food, so mum can't smuggle it into a piece of salmon or mince. 
  • Mum crushed some and sprinkled it into my feast last night.  I didn't eat it, but apparently the neighbours cat is now cured of all it's infections.
  • Tonight, mum tried to mix my pill in with some butter.  I have figured that out and turned my nose up at dinner.  Good luck neighbour cat.
My eye is looking much better, and mum will make sure the vet is happy with me.  She might see if the vet can jab me with some antibiotics in a big dose.  Thanks for all the useful advice - you guys are awesome.  Enjoy your Caturday!!


  1. Getting jabbed does not sound like fun, but it is apparently better than the alternative!

  2. MOL...poor neighbours cats ! Special Menu for them : )
    Miss Poppy, Don't scare about getting jabbed !
    I never get hurt from that and the doctor told me because we kitties have a gap under the skin. ( human doesn't have that gap ), so when the needle go through, we feel nothing ! Doesn't hurt ! How cool is that ?
    Any how, I keep purring for you and paws crossed for tomorrow : )

  3. I feel your pain, ladies. When Whitey was so, so sick I experienced such terrible frustration. I had to do pills, liquid oral drops and shots... and he fought me valiantly at every step. There were more than a few times that I just sat on the floor and cried my eyes out.

    I was not expecting to like The Hobbit so I was pleasantly surprised. I also saw it in 3D and it wasn't awful. I just don't much care for 3D, no matter how well done. I'll be buying the DVD when it comes out and watch it in the comforts of home. I'll enjoy it more, I'm sure.

    Hoping Miss Pops is a better sport today for you, Julie! Have a lovely day, ladies.

  4. can't do the pills but the liquid meds are easy

  5. I can send you some pill pockets to have for a rainy day. Rusty liked them rolled in a crushed Temtations treat. Sort of like sprinkles on a cupcake.

    e-mail me your address

  6. Angel does not like pill pockets, so she has to get the jab whenever she is sick. Kirby will eat almost any thing!

    Glad your eye is looking better!

  7. Poppy - if Zebby Cat needs to go on antibiotics I insist the vets give us the liver flavoured ones that don't taste yuck to him. Then I can crush them and he doesn't notice them in his food.

    We too live in Wellington so your V.E.T.s should stock them. Good Luck to you and your Mum for your Monday visit to them.

  8. You are quite the finicky one when it comes to foods and pills. Yeah, maybe one big shot would be better.

  9. Poppy, you are just one of those cats that are almost impossible to give meds to. The lady has had kitties she just could not give meds to, so they had to be boarded and treated at the vets. Then she has had others that she could give insulin shots to, or another that she could crush his thyroid pill into the food. Cats sure are very different from each other when it comes to this sort of thing.

  10. Some antibiotics come in kitty flavored liquid form and are given with a syringe feeder. Of course, that doesn't always help--all 5 1/2 pounds of Sissy can still fight like a tiger if I don't get it over with quickly!

  11. Hey there miss Poppy! Just stopped by to with you and your mum a very merry Christmas and a great 2013. We don't visit our old blogging buddies much these days, but it makes us happy to know that you're still going strong. Hope your eye gets better soon... take your pills! xxx

  12. That's what we have to do, too. Just one big jab and be done with the drama. Get pill pusher from Vet for future use. We found it very helpful. Good luck and have a good Sunday. XOXO