Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2nd Lazy Day

After working hard all weekend, mum rewarded herself with another lazy day.  Lunch was made and dishes done, so she let herself finish her book, and watch most of The White Queen which she had recorded.  A lazy day at home means she can wear her slippers with her clothes all day, go make up free and not fuss with her hair, which is a freedom in itself.  Now mum is not high maintenance and often goes without fixing herself up fancy, but she says it is nice to give her face and hair a nice break from any products.

Mum had thought of heading up town for a walk, but has been into town once too often at the moment, and might save a quick visit for the weekend.  In trying to be frugal it is hard to justify the $17 movie ticket price when she had a store of movies and shows to watch and a pile of books that seem to be at her body height and need to be back at the library soon.

Fancy feast was eaten early, and mum cooked some salmon and rice and veg for her dinner which was tasty.

This week is her favourite week, for as she has had two days off, now there are only three days to work before it is the weekend again.  She has a  busy spell of working at the moment, but that all helps with the bank balances and paying the bills.


  1. All sounds Ticky~Boo Poppy!x
    Lazy day all round...And, your enjoying a little snooze in the shade, lookls really nice...Won't wake you...Bye~Bye!

  2. Our human hasn't been to a movie in a theatre in about a decade. Quite the change; there was a time in her life when she would be going almost every week, on "cheap" Tuesday nights. Haven't a clue if they still have those. She says not only can she not justify the cost, she has a really, really hard time sitting still for that long anymore.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Poppy. The weekend seems FAR away to us right now. :-)

  3. Poppy, dear, your mum not only displays good taste in her feline associations but also in her choice of entertainment! A library card is the best ticket to education and entertainment on offer -- our local library even stocks a section of DVDs, including "Best of British TV".

  4. Like Kim from Fuzzy Tales, I haven't been to a movie at the cinema for years. I find the cost prohibitive, I dislike the crowds who are disrespectful of others and the ushers who are little better than glorified janitors these days. I watch a film at home every Saturday night, with a bowl of popcorn, a Coke and whichever of the cats who want to join me. For me, it's a getter experience than going to the cinema these days.

  5. My human only goes to the movies once or twice a year, and it's usually something that she can't see otherwise - the documentaries on Vivian Maier and J. D. Salinger, for example, are the ones she went to in the last year.

  6. poppy Q...a lazee day, sum mewvies anda good book, feest AND salmon !!! now yur talkin a grate day...hope mum gets lotz mor later on

  7. Our mum hates going to the movies! Hasn't gone in years. Can't sit in a dark room and force focus for that long. Parking and obnoxious crowds finish off the deal.

  8. $17 for a moovie!? No way says mum. She will wait for the DVD and get it free from the library. She has books to read too.

  9. Mom bean loves lazy days too, sometimes she doesn't even get out of her pajamas! She usually doesn't watch movies, except when they come on tv because she doesn't have a DVD machine. She likes watching at home too, so she can pause the movie when she needs to do something else.

    Glad you and mum got a couple of days to hang and enjoy each other's company.

    Have a great rest of the week!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku