Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Mum says that I am much happier now there are no visitors in the house, and the routines are back to normal.  Mum has been happy to come home and slip off the uniform and put some comfy pants and slippers on and relax with me.  I tucked into my fancy feast and she made some pasta with tomatoes, carrots and broccoli to get in plenty of vegetable servings and had a big banana for her dessert.  Now she feels like chocolate, just a square or two.

We are a bit bored with the tele at the moment.  They seem to be overdosing themselves with the cooking, house doing upping and talent shows and it all feels a bit same old stuff.  Mum does like Shameless (on late late on a Monday night), the Antiques Roadshow (finished for a little while) and a few of the currant affairs programmes. The Walking Dead will be back in October, and Orange is the New Black, is streaming on a local site.   We get a big mix of US and UK programmes, with a few from Australia and about 20% New Zealand shows.  Our one income budget doesn't stretch to cable television, but having a DVR means we can record late night shows and movies, and is good for shift work, when you finish at odd hours and want to watch something as 99% of television after midnight appears to be infomercials.

Luckily mum has a big pile of books and a comfy bed, so entertainment is solved really.  We know we mustn't complain,, at least mum has most evenings spare to relax and put her feet up, unlike so many.

So nite nite from us.


  1. I have Sky TV Poppy!x Had it now since it started, some 22yrs ago now!
    Would'nt be with out it...Not cheap, l have ALL the channels, so l use it fully, always summat to watch, and l enjoy my footy and nature programs..!
    So, l like to settle down with a little feast and watch summat interesting...Though l still get visitors, who just turn up...Perhaps l should move...! :>).

  2. good that she has time to relax. It is nice to have your human relaxing with you in the evening. The food sounds good too.

  3. I remember when late night television was mainly talk shows (good ones, too), news programmes and old movies.

    Now, television is so bland to me, I don't even have a tv set.

  4. Poppy, dear, you and your mum have chosen to be content. How wise of you to realize it is a choice, and that having spare time is the greatest luxury of all!

    Here in the States we can access Hulu for free online television and Project Gutenberg for thousands of online books. Do mention these sites to your mum.

  5. poppy Q....we noe ewe R glad de guests be gone N ya haz mum all ta yur self....nothin wrong with sum good books N old mewvies.....we due knot watch de tee N vee heer....N de price for cable if ya due want it iz inn sane.... we said sew long two it N now haz mor $$ for ct foodz !! ☺☺☺

  6. Same as here !
    We got cable but my dad just watch the car show all da time & he can hear my motor is on as well ;)

  7. Mum could never justify the cost of cable. Too expensive but we enjoyed watching DVDs until our TV gave up the ghost a few months ago. Meow from Jessica

  8. Mum says even with cable there isn't always something on to watch. She mainly has it for the sports channels!

    So mum reads lots too and gets DVD's to borrow from the library. Free!

  9. THere is nothing good on TV here, either. SUmmer seasons are ending and Fall does not start for 3 weeks!

  10. Our TV kinda sucks right now too, it usually does in da summer.

  11. Free to air TV is so bad we have seriously considered pay TV. But I'm such a tight wad I keep saying no let's just wait and see
    At least my daughter keeps me happy with lots of DVDs currently watching the latest serious of game of thrones. I know it's after everyone else has seen it but I don't mind.

  12. It is nice to have company, but it is nice to have company go home too. Enjoy your time with mum, Poppy!

    Mom bean says we has the cable because it is part of a bundle with high speed interwebs and telephone, but even with a bazillion channels there isn`t much worth watching.

    Have a great week!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku