Thursday, September 4, 2014


Mum would like to know if there is many things as mind numbingly boring as an election.  Thankfully there is now only less than four weeks to go til kiwiland goes to the polls, but she is sure that there will be weeks worth of analysis afterwards.   Mum only usually watches a few minutes of the news now, skimming through the headlines and would rather watch the well watched repeats of Friends on the other channels than watch the politicians whine and moan.

The best bit about mums day today was that she had got called into work last night from 10pm -1.30am to do a couple of jobs.  This morning, she finally got to sleep after 3am and then had to go back to work at 6.30am-7.45am.  This meant that she then was able to have the day off.  Much as she thought she would get a lot done, she instead watched a couple of shows, then took a nap for a few hours in the midday before going for a walk.

Mum is pretty keen to get out and about walking more, and has been making excuses about not having walking clothes, decent shoes etc.  So she walked herself to the shops and bought some cheap exercise pants and is determined to put them to use.  She has some sneakers to wear, and if she sticks to her plan, then she can look for some new walking shoes.  Better to start walking first, and have a goal.  As the evenings get longer and warmer, mum is glad to not feel so cooped up.  Me - I'm happy at home!!


  1. You look very majestic to~day Poppy!x

    Elections..We've got a big one coming up, well Scotland have, 50% of them at moment want to leave the UK. I must say, if l was Scottish, l'd want to leave the UK to...
    It's all run by liars, cheats and thieves...And, that's a known fact.
    But! Never mind eh! HeHe! Soon be Christmas...We all have some nuts...! :>).

  2. You do look a little bored Miss Poppy. I hope the 'lections get over soon so your Mum will have something better to watch on TV. And my Mum says she agrees with Willie about the liars, cheats and thieves...only they're in the US!

  3. Poppy, we're having municipal elections in October (federal election next year) and yep, it's BORING to listen to all the bullsh*t coming out of their mouths. LOL.

    We're sure your mum will love getting out more to walk -- and spring is the perfect time, when everything feels renewed!

  4. Poppy, dear, do try to appear more enthusiastic about your mum's walking program!

    But perhaps you were photographed watching American congressmen debate... Don't do it, dear, it will curl your fur.

  5. Elections are boring because the same sorts of people are involved, telling the same sorts of lies that no one believes. At least in parliamentary democracies we are never sure of when the elections will be, so when the call comes, the campaign may last only a few weeks. In the U.S., they all know when they election is coming, so they start campaigning a few months after the last one.

  6. I'm not even sure what an election is - I don't know if there even has been one since I was born!

  7. poppy Q...tell mum ta look into a nice pair oh crocs....knot like de croc o dial...but de shoo....they bee grate for gardenin , walkin, even werk

    N we noe what her meez bout politicz...itz like de ole nurse rhyme...liar liar pants on fire.....leest in this countree it iz !

  8. The only thing remotely political in nature that our mum has any interest in is Scotland's upcoming independence vote.

  9. Yeah, we got elections in early November. Seems like they are putting on lots of ads already, Too much news. Mum tries not to watch.

  10. It seems like as soon as one eleckshun is over here, another one starts. YAWN!

  11. Our mom bean is a bit of political junkie, she sometimes likes those shows. But they do get boring when nobody says something new.

    Good on mum to go walking. Our mom comes home from work and flops down on a chair (after we gets fed of course, MOL).

    Enjoy the warmer weather!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku