Friday, September 19, 2014

Window Seat

Mum put my woolly blanket next to the window in her room here so that I could take in the view when we moved in here.  Then the landlords built out a little bay window and now no view, but I get a bit of sunlight and warmth so now spring has come, it is a good place to have a snooze.

Thanks for all the nice comments under yesterdays post.  The old house we lived in was lovely and our favourite of any of the places we have lived.  It used to worry mum that there was a turning spot right outside and the rubbish truck was a tight fit.  They think he just hit the gas a bit too hard, and then hit the house and the gas pipes, so a bit of a drama.  Nobody was home, and the house had just undergone renovations, so now they have to get repairs done which will take some time we imagine.

Mum had a chance today and get out and have a walk.  She did some chores, took the library book back, and voted at the library - there were big long lines.  Tomorrow is our general election and most of us will be glad when it is over, as it has been boring and dominated the news for months.  A visit to the post office, bank and supermarket rounded out an afternoon of pottering round for mum.  Of course as soon as she got home there were more bills in the letter box - typical!!


  1. We've just had the Scottish vote yesterday! I sat up most of the night and watched the counting of votes! Don't ask me why, just did...So! Scotland is still part of the UK..Just!
    We have our elections next May now!
    So, the politicians have started telling lies already...They should let 'ME' run the country...I'd pass a law, saying everyone should have a pussy~cat...HeHe!

  2. Poppy, dear, you're a wise cat to count your blessings: a window with a sill is one, a blankie on the sill is two, and sunbeams! makes three! Mummies who are running hard doing their jobs and then their chores must sometimes delegate this duty to their felines.

  3. I agree it has been one of the worst election campaigns, I voted too and also a big line so either people are voting early or there is going to be a good turn out of voters.

    Very sorry to see the owners had just redecorated but pleased no one was home and you two are safe.

  4. The humans here have elections in November - my human just got the booklet for it. She hates all the ads too - they are boring and besides, since they are ads, they can't be trusted.

  5. Your window seat does look cozy, Poppy. I have a window seat built specially for me. Awful news about your old home but good to hear everybody safe. City election here in October and oh boy, the campaign is right out of a comic soap opera. Meow from Jessica

  6. Happy Pirate Day. We are coming up on elections here for Congress and many state offices. Too much BS going on.