Monday, September 22, 2014

Crazy Eyes

Mum just about wet her fur trimmed trousers this morning when she got this shot of me making the crazy eyes at her.  You see she finally finished the night shifts this morning.  She stopped off at the supermarket and got home by 8am.  The weather has been distinctly stormy today, so it was a good day to hunker down.  Mum camped on the couch and put Dantes Peak on to watch and was asleep within five minutes of it starting, so we had a little snooze fest on the couch.  She didn't want to sleep too long, as she is going to try to go to bed tonight.  That for her is the hardest part about night shift, is getting back into a normal sleep pattern.

So with the wind blowing hard outside, the heaters are turned on like a winters evening.  We have full bellys, mine full of fancy feast and mum cooked herself a little bit of steak with carrots and sweet corn, as it was time to have more fruit and vegetables.  Mum has eaten too many carbs in her week of evening and night shifts and wants to get back into the healthy stuff.  The latest Lee Child novel is waiting to be finished so we might both curl up under the covers soon.


  1. Oh! My goodness poppy!x
    They are certainly crazy eyes!
    HeHe! What a fright...Even l shot back in my swivel chair! :>).

  2. Not crazy eyes. Surprised eyes lol stay dry and warm xx

  3. Poppy, dear, when one sends telepathic messages to humans, one usually closes one's golden eyes. Peeping to see if they're 'receiving' results in this undesirable 'crazy eyes' response. (Did you want a different flavor of feast, dear?)

  4. Ha! What a great picture. Boinnnggg!

  5. Poppy, that is how I look at my human when I don't think I got enough dinner - because I think SHE is crazy!

  6. poppy Q....we due knot noe how ewe keep up with mum ore how her keeps up with her schedule.....troo lee...werk in de day N at nite N knot in de afternoon but in de afternoon after werkin bee fore in de mornin but go home at nite time onlee ta get called in at nite which iz like de wee hours oh de morn....



    happee twozday !!!

  7. Your face!!! Poppy, we may have wet ourselves a little, too...

  8. MOL ... My mom cracks up too !
    I guess you roll your ears as well...ha..ha

    The way your mom sleep & wake, just like kitty style :)


  9. We love your crazy eyes. Mum says she is too old to do shift work anymore. Glad she got out of that years ago.

  10. Were you making sure mum was really there, Poppy?

    Enjoy your snuggles with the mum!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku