Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Spring September!!

Hello Spring - Hello September!!!!  It was hard for mum to wake up to her 6am alarm this morning, somehow Monday mornings are the worst, as mum always finds it hard to sleep on Sunday night.  So she slugged it through today and was glad to get home to me this evening.

Dinner was dished out for me, and mum had a teeny tiny piece of beef with broccoli and carrots for her dinner.  After a weekend of dining out and burgers, she is upping the fruit and veg consumption this week.

She told you that she took out her niece for dinner on Saturday night?  Well she was checking her bank account last night and realised that she had been overcharged by $40.  She also had not asked for a receipt, so she emailed the restaurant.  They replied this morning and said they would send the refund by cheque which was nice of them.

So mum is sitting next to me, trying to keep her eyes open at 9.15pm which is early for her.  I took myself off to bed at 6pm after dinner, so that I could get some extra snoozing in.

Happy snoozing to you all!!


  1. Think that restaurant needs looking into Poppy!x
    Sounds to me it's being run by a bunch of villains....! Tell Mum, not to go again, and tell all her friends to..One way of getting your own back..!

  2. We're glad the restaurant will refund your mum, Poppy. $40 is a lot to be overcharged!

    Happy Spring to you too. It's our Labour Day holiday (Canada and US) and it's the unofficial start to fall, even though the weather is quite summer-like at the moment. We are NOT looking forward to slogging through another brutal winter. :-(

  3. Mondays are difficult for my Mum too, but today is a holiday so she slept in until 6:30!
    As for that restaurant...yeah, don't go there anymore, it doesn't sound very nice and I expect it will not be open much longer.

  4. Mum had a sleep in on Monday since it our hollyday.

  5. Poppy, dear, happy springtime to you and your mum! Here in the States we're observing Labor Day, a semi-official end to summer. My kitties will soon be on mouse-watch as the fields are mown and the rodents prepare to move inside for the winter!