Tuesday, September 23, 2014


 Today I got kidnapped and taken to the V*E*T.  You see mum has this plan to go and visit with her family in a few weeks, and had to make sure my vaccinations were up to date so that I could go to the cattery.  So a simple visit was booked.   Then it turned complicated.  You see, my eye was a tiny bit weepy so I had to get some green stain which was quick and easy and my eyes are ok.  Then doctor Eve gave me my vaccination, and she listened to my heart and checked my teeth.  Turns out I need to get my teeth Hollywood cleaned, and I has a little Arrhythmia, which makes it all a bit complicated.  So I have to go and see the special vets at the vet hospital to get an ultrasound of my heart and ECG done.  Awesome.

Then I had to have a blood test, to have a check up as well.  Dr Eve emailed mum later and said it appears my liver is ok, but my kidney levels are borderline.  Sigh.   So when I get to see the special vet they have to squeeze some urine out of me.  Good luck buddy.

Also - Dr Eve said I was not kinda skinny and have to have diet biscuits.  Luckily they had run out, so mum gave me a day off, but has to go back to pick some up tomorrow.    I also  got a butt shave - luckily Brazilians are in for the summertime!!
The good news is I got this awesome scratcher for being such a good girl, and mum says I am in a cheerful mood considering.  And big suprise, I have spent the evening climbing in and out of my cat cage and are camped in there for the night.

So mum is about $300 poorer so far and is glad that she is busy at work to pay for all of my doctors bills.


  1. Oh! Poppy!x Bless!
    What a sad little event...Oh! Dear!
    Still, Mum makes sure your in the bestest hands at the vets! Do as the vet tells you, and you'll be right as rain in no time! They you'll be able to chat with all the other pussy~cats at the cattery...!
    Be Good! And, Take Care!x

  2. Acckkk, Poppy! Ugh, what a terrible vet visit. :-(

    We have our paws crossed for good results from the impending urine analysis, as well as from the ultrasound and ECG.

    Lots of purrs and hugs to you both!

  3. It sounds like you have a few small problems, Poppy, but all are being dealt with before they grow. Your mum will see that you're all right. Having to be on a special diet stinks, though. It's not fair that you are punished for eating your food like a good girl.

  4. We hope the news will be good when this is all over. It isn't fair the people at the stabby place don't like plump kitties :(

  5. Mixed results so fat but I hope they level out and all will be well. I think you look cuddly and not fat at all

  6. What a bummer, Poppy, that you had to have all this extra work done!

  7. That is a great scratcher your mum got for you Poppy. I am wondering why my mum hasn't got me something nice after all my trips to the vet lately.
    Hope everything goes well when you see the special vets.

  8. We'll be doing some purrs so that the tests turn out well for you Poppy :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. Oh poor Miss Poppy! But I agree, it's best to catch these things early and take care of them. I'm sending you some purrs that it will all turn out OK. . . and see if you can't get some more swag!

  10. Poppy, dear, it's very fortunate that your mum took you to the vet when she did. My own felines do not enjoy the car ride in the carrier and have composed songs about their feelings which they sing loudly en route.

    Now do be a good girl, scratch the new scritching board instead of the vet, and give the special diet a fair tasting test.

  11. Wow, that is a lot of green papers to spend. Hope you find out that you are all healthy.

  12. Poor Poppy! We hopes the news is good at the special v e t.

    Poor mum too having to come up with the green papers. But it's for you Poppy so we know she doesn't mind.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. A..a..a cattery??? Oh, the horror of it all!

  14. Oh Poppy! The indignity of it all!
    But poster John is right; problems are being taken care of before they grow.
    Sometimes dry kibble can dehydrate us and skew our levels. Maybe you could could get some additional water mixed in your wet food. We know your mum takes excellent care of you and will do everything she can to keep you healthy and happy.

  15. Poor Poppy!! And poor you, vet bills are ridiculous some times. At least Poppy has her warrant of fitness and you can both have time away.

  16. poppy Q...sorree ya had two go two de place oh eeevil....N sorree ya hafta go bak...N we think yur mum miz understood de hole weight thing, de vet ladee said: "poppy Q is a kind cat, please give her dinner time biscuits"