Sunday, October 2, 2016


Today was a calm day for us ladies.  The morning bought rain, and the clouds parted in the afternoon giving us a touch of sunshine.  Mum whizzed up a couple of loads of washing, and although it was outside in the breeze it was not warm enough to dry it all, so now it is drying on our rack in the living room.

Mums sleeping was a bit rough again, so she chose to stay in bed this morning and read and relax for the afternoon and this evening feels better for it.  We hope you had some calm today - some downtime to refuel yourselves.


  1. Just about 10:20 over here Poppy!x
    Just got back from the Supermarket..Put the shopping
    away, about to have a coffee and blueberry cake!
    Outside, on the patio, as the sun is quite warm..!
    Early lunch, then settle down for a bit of footy!
    Bliss! :).

  2. Great sunpuddle, sweet Poppy. We hope Mum gets back on a good sleep cycle soon.

  3. Your mum needs to have more time to chill out and rest! Hope she is all better soonest.

    Like the ducky pictures yesterday!