Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hello October Caturday

Welcome to the first Caturday of October, the end of the year is flying by.   The mumster had a poor sleep last night, she tossed and turned and in the end got up and sat on the couch for an hour before climbing back into bed at 5am for a few more hours.  She then went into town to meet a bestie for a little lunch and then they did some window shopping.  Mum then retreated home with me before the rain arrived.  Us girls curled up for a nap which was nice and mum feels it won't have ruined her sleep tonight.

So an easy feast dinner for me, leftovers for her and now she has been sitting on the couch watching the telly.  Her book and bed awaits and I am curled up in my usual spot waiting.

Hope you all had a fun Caturday too.  We hope you like the pictures of the little park mum worked through yesterday.


  1. Oh! Dear! Poppy!x Guess what l'm having for dinner tomorrow! :).
    The duck looks lovely! :). Perhaps he's looking for a mate!
    All on his own!

    Heavy rain this morning..The sun is just breaking through now!
    Nice for the rest of the day, and tomorrow, so the funny weather
    man on the TV says...But, then, what does he know! :).

    And, yes, 1st of October...September's gone, my favourite month
    of all to..never mind, lt'll be back next..September..! :0).

  2. That's a lovely park, Poppy, so pretty. Ah, spring. Fleeting, yet the best time of the year for our biped. :-)

    Love the duck shots too...He looks tasty to us, and of course you already know the human can't resist ducks!

  3. The coolth gets TBT more active outside. He says there is lots to do. We will just watch...

  4. Such a pretty park Poppy! The duck looks tasty too, MOL.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. Such a beautiful park, Poppy! It looks like it's shaping up to be a lovely spring for you and Mum. :)

  6. It looks like it was a nice day for a walk through a park; spring has really come.