Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Night Helper Cat

It is Friday night and my mumster got the washing on, and went for a wander down to the library to pick up some books and get a lotto ticket.  It is $30 million NZ this week, and mum just would like a chance to get a share of that. Imagine that, she could travel the world, buy us a big house to live in with a garden full of birdies and buy me a bucket of nip and a case of the feast.

 When she got home she cooked her dinner, made some hand made burgers.  Then she cleaned out some drawers to get some things off to the charity shop.  I was a good helper and helped to smooth some stuff down.

Hope you are all helping get the chores done at your place.


  1. Wow, Poppy, we see that you're working hard! Good job! And good luck to your mom re: the lottery. Our biped goes in with two other people at work, just once a week. Tonight's draw is up to $34 million CDN. Split three ways would be purrfect! :-)

  2. You are a good helper, Poppy! We all try to help my human... of course, she doesn't always appreciate our hard work.

  3. Now! Who's that scally~wag in the draw...!
    HeHe! Is a it a plane..No! it's
    Poppy!x :0>
    Good luck to Mum on the lottery! ALL those
    birdies and cases of feast...oooooO! :0).

  4. ** Giggle with helping style ** Sure ! You are the best, Miss Poppy !
    And good luck to your mom !

  5. We have an office lottery ticket that we buy, but so far no luck. I hope your mum does better than we do.

  6. You are a good helper, Poppy. That drawer makes a good bed.

  7. Mum has been clearing out stuff that is old from the kitch-hen cupboards. Doing a bit of re-arranging stuff too.