Thursday, October 27, 2016


Tonight was mums night at the hairdressers.  That is her hairdresser in the pink top cutting another ladies hair.  Mum likes to go on a quiet night and avoid busy Saturdays at the salon, and luckily this salon is only a 5 minute walk from home and so mum can pop home and drop off her uniform and get changed.

Mum and one of her besties have been having a discussion about hairdressers.  You see in the past 10 years, if you are a lady and go to the hairdressers they think that part of the service is to give you a head massage while they rub the conditioner in.  She gets that is may stimulate the scalp and all that, but mum and her bestie find it slightly creepy and don't like it.  Yet, both girls have yet to get up the courage to ask their hairdressers not to do it.  Especially as it is often a junior that rinses their hair, and they don't want to offend them.

They do laugh at their anxiety about offending the hairdressers.  Yet, it is like some people not liking to have their feet touched or face touched.  So ladies and gents - what do your think?  Do you like the hair massage?  Yes or no?

 (I understand - as a pussy cat I like most of my furs rubbed, except my tummy or round my trouser pants).


  1. Ah! Bless! I'd love to rub your tummy Poppy!x
    And, yes, l've had my scalp massaged, quite
    a few times over the years, l don't go to a
    barber or hairdresser...Karen, who, l went to
    school with has been cutting my hair, at home,
    for 42yrs..she's the only person l've ever
    found who can cut hair..dry..! I sit on the puff,
    she trims all round, till it looks o.k. Then l
    wash it, dry it with my 48yr old Ronson 2000 hair
    dryer..job done! Though my afro is not as thick as
    it used to be...!
    I go through that preformance every 6~8 weeks! :).

  2. I actually love a *good* scalp massage (and not everyone can do this well). You have the right to tell them that you prefer not to have it. You could make a joke about it if that helps. (BTW, I don't want someone touching my feet -- gross! So we each have our "thing".)

  3. Our mum says the best part of a trip the hair salon in that scalp massage. Only thing is that when it is finished, she could lay down and take a snooze.

  4. Your mum could just tell them that she'd like to skip the massage this time, and if she feels a reason is needed, just say that she has a bit of a headache, and touching the head makes it worse. Me, I don't mind women touching me. But I'm a man, so...

  5. My human LOVES scalp massages! They've been doing that Stateside for 30 years so she is used to it.

  6. I love a good scalp scrubbin' at the hairdresser. Some hairdressers can scrub too hard, though!

  7. My mum loves a scalp massage, but her hairdresser doesn't do it. Nobody better go near her feet though. If they do they could get kicked!

  8. I love the hair massage. Any massage really.
    Don't go to the hairdressers much. I grow my hair long and only cut the fringe. I do that myself.
    And when I do. About once or twice a year. I usually just go for the pray and cut cheap ones. I wash my hair at home and go in with wet hair.
    But my sister recently became a hairdresser, as a mature student, so now she just it's for me.
    Such a luxury having it washed, massaged and blowaved!
    And even cheaper than the cheap cuts, free! Lol

  9. Mum prefers the quiet weekday afternoon appointments that she can do now. Head massage? One of the places mum went to years ago did that, but it was an assistant. Mum's current hairdresser does not do that.