Monday, October 31, 2016


Why does the sunshine return when mum has to go to work?  I don't mind - no work for me!!!

Hope you all had a nice start to your week.


  1. The sun always shines on lovely things Poppy!x
    So, the sun shines on your lovely! :).

    I've put a bit of washing out on the line, the
    sun's out over here, and it's very mild, and
    warm...I'm just about to have a lemon tea, and
    toast out on the the grass grow! :0).

  2. Poppy, dear, we're enjoying beautiful fall days, too! Here in Indiana, fans of Lil Bub, a famous special needs cat who lives in Bloomington and has established a foundation to help other special pets, are celebrating her latest YouTube video that shows her running through the leaves. (A few years ago, she could only crawl.) Life is good, Poppy dear, life is good.

  3. Oh, yes, the best weather is always saved for when we can't enjoy it. The moment I win the lottery, the weather will turn nasty. I can't wait.