Saturday, October 29, 2016


Brrrr it is cold in the city tonight, it has dropped down to 6 deg C, so the heater is fired up and the blankies are piled up on the bed again.  Mum and I got to have a little sleep in which was nice then mum did a few chores.  She headed out after lunch and went to town to potter round for a while, then headed out to meet a bestie.  They had the best pulled pork tacos that are made with an apple slaw that was just delicious.  She then went and saw I, Daniel Blake a quite serious drama about a man struggling with issues with social welfare in Newcastle, UK.  

In town she saw a book - How to :  The Cat which was a take off of the childhood ladybird books that mum remembers as a child.  One page had a picture of kittens and a book.  It said something like Kittens can't read words, but as soon as an owner opens up a book or magazine they like to sit on it and read the words through their bottoms.  Mum laughed as I love her books, and love to sit on hers once she puts it through, and she always has a book on the go.

Hope you all are having some fun on your Caturday!!


  1. I've heard of that before Poppy!x
    Pussy~cats reading through their
    bottoms..among other things! :).

    I have'nt been to the cinema in ages.
    Usually wait for the film to appear on
    Sky TV..usually in a month or two!
    I, Daniel Blake, has had good reviews
    over here! Looking forward to seeing it!

    I'm having fun Poppy!x Just plucked, cleaned,
    and gutted three brace of pheasants..So, that's
    tomorrows feast sorted!
    Time for a lemon tea, and toast! And, it's mild
    enough to sit outside on the patio...Heaven! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, I'd heard that cats enjoy "absorbing" the energies of books and magazines, but more particularly, any paperwork that occupies their humans. Aha!

  3. Thank you Poppy Q for coming to visit and for your kind words to help us feel better. Sounds like your Mom had a wonderful pawsome day. Life is good today.
    Brenda and Beau Beau and Angie from over da bridge