Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sleepy Sorry

Mum did mean to post last night, she did mean to help me.  However the need for napping overtook her.  After her weekend of call and not so much sleep, the sleepiness meant that she felt the need to lie down at 6pm and was fast asleep for the evening.  She finally ventured up at midnight for a snack and now is watching the Great British Bake Off which is making her more hungry.  Luckily she can sleep in the next few days, so she can get back to normal sleeping next week.

So time for me to snooze now too.  The only issue is where to sleep?  Box or laundry basket?


  1. Hope your mom gets caught up on her sleep so she can be back at your beck and call soon! I say split your time, nap in the laundry basket and then move to the box!

  2. I always get surprised sometimes Poppy!x
    Your on Wednesday over there and over here
    it's still Tuesday! :). Just gone 3 o'clock
    in the afternoon!
    Your deciding on where to sleep, l'm deciding
    on another cup of tea! Anyways! The box looks
    good...Nite! Nite! x

  3. If your mum needed sleep and she felt the opportunity was there, she should have taken it. I hope it restored her somewhat. As long as your mum didn't have to sleep in the laundry basket.

  4. Oh, such a dilemma, Poppy! Half the night in the box, half the night in the basket. :-)

    We hope your mum can catch up on her sleep, though our biped doesn't know any female over the age of 45 who sleeps well. LOL.

  5. poppy Q...tell mum ta put de box in de laundree baskit !!! hope everee one haza awesum nite ~~ ♥♥♥

  6. Oy, mum doesn't know how your mum does it with the crazy working hours. She is glad she is retired.

  7. Poor mum! We're glad you have less problems with sleeping than she does.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. My mom too, got no idea how your mom does that. Her sleep patterns is so hectic !
    I hope she catch up enough sleep

  9. Poppy, dear, human beans only have 1 life compared to cats' 9. This is because they don't get enough sleep. Or spend too much time coping with laundry baskets. And cat fur.