Thursday, October 20, 2016


This is one of the neighbor cats that lives a couple of houses close to us.  We see him/her round all the time but like me is real shy and doesn't come to close and runs away if mum gets close.  Me and my mum were out in the garden doing stuff, when mum felt like we were being watched.

When mum was a girl her family had a black cat Andy cat who was awesome.  Mum is ashamed though that her father made the cat go out at night.  As in at 9pm as the family headed to bed the cat was put outside to fend for itself.  Expected to sleep in the garden or garage, it may seem mean but in 1970s most NZ families would have done the same thing.  Cats and Dogs would not have slept in the house.  Mum sure is glad that times have changed as she knows how happy I am to be able to share her warm bed and night and to be able to snuggle up with her.

Hope you all have somebuddy warm to snuggle up with tonight.


  1. That's how it was in the 'old' Poppy!x
    I remember everyone putting their cats
    out 'every' night. Not so much dogs,
    though a lot of people had kennels, out
    side! All, a bit different now!

    I hope you get to know your new friend,
    give him/her time, and he/she may be
    brave and come to say hello! That would
    be nice! :).

    1. Oh! Sorry Poppy!x left out the word 'days'
      after old...bit early still..! :0).

  2. My human cannot imagine a bed without a kitty! She had to suffer that when she went to New York for an event, and she really, really missed having me there!

  3. H/she looks like a nice neighbour to have!

    That was the way of things in the past, and of course still is in many cases, unfortunately. Our cat, Muffy, was an indoor/outdoor rescue cat and used to go out at night, though we left the porch door open a bit for her, so she could come in when she wanted. She had a warm bed there, and I remember that often I'd get up in the morning and she'd be curled up in that bed, looking very bleary-eyed, like she'd been wildly partying all night. (She was spayed, my mom always made sure our pets were spayed, though she wasn't in the norm for the time.)

  4. Looks like kitty wants to know you, too. Yes, it's a different world for most cats today.

  5. That's the way it was in most place, I imagine. At the end of each "Flintstones" episode, we see Fred putting the cat out for the night. Some things have improved in modern times. I hope you don't go feel the urge to chase your neighbour; it doesn't read like you do.

  6. I spy with my little eye......heheh cute picture! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. poppy Q...waves two yur naybor.....& R cuzinz frum manee manee manee yeerz ago, sam, little joe, jiggs, never came inn side at nite....neither did de pupz for that matter....they had ax cezz two de garage but never de houz....stuffz way diffrunt round heer now...two manee peepulz, traffix, etc ~~~~~

    we bee out til monday sew heerz two a deep sea smelt kinda week oh end ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  8. Your naybor looks very handsome in its black fur. I am glad you get to stay inside at night. I stay inside all the time!