Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Monday

Mum was lucky and her call finished yesterday, but her sleeping has been a bit rubbish with her finally drifting off at 4am this morning.  She got a few hours sleep and has been aching to join me for a nap this afternoon, but has resisted.  She wishes she could nap as many times as I do.

Tonight she has done a couple of small jobs getting ready for the week ahead. The uniforms are ready for work, Mum's work bag is ready and an outfit is chosen for after work.  Now she is off to read her book. 

Oh and she hasn't opened our Easter treats yet.


  1. Poppy!x l think you must hold the world record
    for naps..goodness! HeHe! Bless!x

    I've just got back from the it
    was closed yesterday..Bank Holiday to~day, quiet
    in town, though l did go for coffee..
    In the kitchen..getting food ready for the rest
    of the week, my neighbour popped round last night,
    they and their family had a Chinese takeaway, loads
    left over, so they brought round here, and, there's
    enough for three meals..Chinese for lunch to~day,
    and some wine left over from is
    good...! :)).

  2. Shift work is the worst for sleep patterns
    Hopefully you both get some restful sleep very soon

  3. Mum bought Easter treats today when they put them on sale!

  4. At least she can open up YOUR Easter treats, Poppy - right? ;-)