Sunday, April 7, 2019


Yesterday our city got a month's rain in one day.  Today was even more rainy so everything outside was soggy and the garden is a bit swampy.  Mum might set me up with an inside litter box just in case.

 Mum worked tonight as she was feeling a bit better.  It gives her tomorrow off to relax and rest which makes her happy.  It makes me happy to have her home too.


  1. Glad Mum's feeling a bit better Poppy!x
    Having tomorrow off will be a help to..!

    It's nice over here to~day, sunny and warm,
    though rain is forecast for the next two days,
    when will we see the last of it..Hate the rain! :(.

    Just going to settle down to a bit of football, had
    lunch, chicken to~day, so, l'm ready to put my feet
    up..Ah! :0).

  2. We're glad Mum is feeling better, Poppy. We hope the two of you have a nice time with her being home for a couple of days. :)

  3. We, too, are glad your mum's feeling better. But yikes about that rain! That can mean a lot of flooding, city-wide. We hope everyone is safe!

  4. Happy to hear Mum is recovering! You can send some of your rain to us... we could use some.

  5. We had rain today too, but not that much!