Sunday, April 14, 2019


Sunday is for snoring.  Mum keeps waking me up by talking to me or doing stuff that disturbs my rest .  Boy it is tough getting your 23 hours sleeps when your mum has a day off.


  1. You'll have to find somewhere to hide Poppy!x
    Though Mum will be worried that she can't find
    you...Oh! The problems you pussy~cats have to
    put up with..! Bless! :).

  2. Maybe she will take a nap with you, Poppy!

  3. I often pet my cats as I walk by them, even if they are snoozing. I know I shouldn't disturb them, but I like to know I notice them and appreciate them being there. I think that's probably what your mum is thinking, too. Then again, she has to get things done while she has the opportunity.

  4. Our #1 works from home so we have had to work out how to manage the situation, to our advantage of course!

    The Chans

  5. Mum was gone a lot this weekend, so I was nice to her when she got home. Sat on her, let her talk to me and pet me. Then I went and resumed my nap.