Thursday, April 11, 2019


 The skies were beautiful this morning on mum's walk to work.
By the time she was coming home it was lightly raining.  She took the bus home, which takes her 10 minutes longer than walking, but costs of $2 and as mum is still under the weather seemed a good idea.

Within 10 minutes if mum getting in our door the rain started to pour down and our little garden is getting drenched again.  Luckily she us not on Call tonight so us girls can cuddle up inside and keep warm and dry.


  1. Mum just made it then Poppy!x
    I hate the's so wet
    is'nt it...!!! :).

    Suns out over here, getting ready to
    go into town, though Freddie's not
    been for his breakfast yet..! Bless!

    Stay warm..stay dry..and lots of cuddles! :o).

  2. That is a beautiful sunrise. The sun is out here and it is starting to warm up as long as I stay out of the wind. A good day for gardening.

  3. :-O That sky is jaw-droppingly stunning! Wow!

    We're glad your mum made it home before the downpour!

  4. Pretty sunrise and glad your mum took the bus so she didn't get all wet. We got to watch April snow yesterday that hasn't melted yet!

  5. poppy Q...mum cap sured an awesum shot ! :) ♥♥