Monday, September 2, 2019


I had to go and get my 3rd injection today.  It is the 3rd one and then one more next week and a check with the vet.  It is meant to help with the arthritis in my back legs.  Mum is sceptical about it but is prepared to give it a go if it helps me.  Then we will go to me a month for a couple of months.

Last week we were late cos mum had to chase me round the garden to chase me.  This week we were early and in and out and home within 20 minutes.  So mum treated herself to a walk in the sunshine and lunch out while I calmed down and slept at home.


  1. Ah! So Mum crept up behind you Poppy!x
    And rushed you into your cell..oops!
    sorry..your cat basket..! :).
    HeHe! Bless!

    Still nice and warm and dry over here..
    Though the sun is trying to come out!
    Ah! There it is..just as l'm writing
    this..! :).

    There..l've just written this, now l'm
    gonna 'paws' and study the above photo!
    Goodness! The jokes get worse..! :o).

  2. It's always an ordeal for any of us to go to the vet, Poppy, so we hope the injections help significantly! Purrs.

  3. What an ordeal, eh, Poppy? But our mum is right: if it ill help then these injections will be worth it. It's not fun growing old, I know...

  4. You need a good rest after THE VET!!!

  5. We sure hope those shots help you feel better, Poppy!

  6. Poppy, dear, please keep us informed about the success of those injections. When my own elderly feline ladies complained about their hips, we invested in bed steps and heating pads -- cheaper, and much less stressful, than a trip or three to the v.e.t.