Friday, September 6, 2019

Mystery Bag

What's in this bag mum?  Mum worked shift tonight and got home real late with 2 bags of groceries.  So I only got my dinner at 11.30pm.  Mum had here then too so I guess we're both going to bed on a full tummy. 


  1. oooO! Not good going to bed on a full tummy Poppy!x
    You should'nt eat anything after seven o'clock, so
    they say..! Not good for digestion, and that's the
    time you put on weight, while your asleep..!
    I have tea at about four o'clock, and that's my lot..
    Glass of juice, but not even a hot drink..till morning,
    and breakfast..! :).

  2. poppy.....what...noe bag oh bizcuitz ~~~ ?? :(


  3. A late night for your mum, but there's nothing wrong with a good meal before bed. I know you're not supposed to have it then, but now and then won't hurt.