Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Night Time Rituals

8.30pm-10pm beg mum to come to bed.
10.05-10.15 lay down on her leg to get a cuddle.
10.15-10.20 act annoyed and jump off bed.  Eat biscuits.
10.20-10.45 scratch to get under the quilt and spend 15 minutes fussing to get comfortable.
10.47 Too hot.  Get off mum's bed.  Eat biscuits.
10.50 Now I tunnel in under the quilts from the side of the bed.   Howl for mum for 10 minutes cos I am lost.

11.00 You touched me.  Annoyed.  Jump off bed.  Eat biscuits.

Sleep alone in my heated cat bed.

And mum complains that she's tired!!!!🐱


  1. HeHe! Bless!x I think the problem is Poppy!x
    Eating biscuits..There taken to much of your
    time up..if you ate more biscuits at one
    visit, it would give you more time on the
    bed say...
    Still..have a nice sleep..and think of tomorrows
    time~table..Bless!x 😼 🐾🐾

  2. ROTFL!! OMC, this made me burst out with loud laughter! Good thing I'm in the office suite by myself at the moment! :-D

    You know, these kinds of posts, plus some cute illustrations, would make a wonderful book for cat people. Not a suggestion that you turn whatever energy you have to do this, just a comment. It's a slice of real life with a cat. :-)

    1. I agree, your life could be an excellent and entertaining book, Poppy, and the illustrations could be you going about your day - or night.

  3. Ha! That's just how it is with some cats, isn't it, Poppy. Mine are a bit less, well, ritualistic, shall we say? But they have their routines, too.

  4. When it is nice out I sleep on top of mum. Usually on her hip or lower legs.

  5. You have a VERY busy bedtime schedule, Poppy.

  6. poppy Q....we like de 10 20 time slot; eatin bizcuitz !! ☺☺☺☺♥♥♥♥


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