Monday, September 23, 2019


I gave mum a good talking to when she got home, as she had forgotten to put my bag back on the bed after she had made the bed last night.  I proceeded to roll around on it and ask to be brushed.

It has turned stormy this afternoon, of course on the day when mum forgot to take her jacket to work.  She got in with a pile of groceries before the rain started though, even though she had the slowest bus driver in the city drive her home.  Leftovers for her dinner and a feast for me.  She is now smelling the house out by boiling eggs to make for sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.  Egg farts in bed - I am so looking forward to it.


  1. You have to put yer foot..ooops! paw down
    sometimes Poppy!x You, bed, and your shopping
    bag are an item..right! :).

    We're due some heavy rain later this afternoon,
    though it's nice and sunny at the mo..
    Just cleaned, gutted and skinned a couple of
    bunny'm gonna have a lemon tea
    and a couple of biscuits..Bourbons! Yum! :o).

  2. OMC, you cracked me up, Poppy, with your last sentence. :-D

    As for the slowest bus driver in the city...we have a few of those here too! Frustrating, though the most important thing is that she got home safely, of course.

    Take care!

  3. I hope that talking too has made your mum see the error of her ways and doesn't do that again. The egg farts in the bed made me laugh too.

  4. poppy....oh em COD....we iz CRACKIN de egg fartz commint ......two funnee ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺