Monday, September 9, 2019

Monday Smiles

Just to make you smile on Monday.  This is Steve the goat from Auckland.  He has his own instagram page Goat Walking  which shows his and his brother Daves adventures.  From going to Bunnings (one of our hardware stores), to going to the beach and out on the town.  Enjoy!!


  1. That's brilliant Poppy!x Thankyou!
    I'm gonna send that link out to a
    few friends..I love goats..No! l
    won't say anything about eating them..
    HeHe! Are'nt l wicked..Bless! :).

  2. Whaaaat?!

    OMG, so cute! Thanks for this!

  3. Good names for goats: Steve and Dave...

  4. I bumped in to Steve and Dave in Mission Bay last summer. At first I couldn't believe what I was seeing. They were better behaved than dogs and were quietly relaxing on the foreshore.

  5. poppy; we iz gonna hafta chex thiz out !!! thanx for de link :) ♥♥☺☺