Sunday, September 22, 2019

Mumster Present Ideas

 With only 3 months until Christmas is upon us again, I thought I would get some shopping ideas in for my mumster.  She likes a good tshirt and or sweatshirt, and I found these ones for her on ETSY.  This first grey beauty is from YourWishCo.  Looks like it shows a typical day of your active cat.
Mum likes the Cool Cat Lady from Qurious Shop.  She's a cool cat like me.

 The Hiss Tshirt from Popular Shop makes her smile. 
You can't beat a Crazy Cat Lady tee from Dogs and Unicorns.  Cos really that is who she is deep down. 
The Cat Petting zone sweatshirt might be her fave though.  You might have to enlarge the photo to see properly.  It is from YourWishCo again. 

Anyone else been shopping for their persons?  Found any treats they may like?


  1. I do like the 'HISS' one Poppy!x
    Do you know before last Christmas l needed some
    sweat shirts, could'nt find any the
    shops that l looked on line..loads! :).
    As l don't buy/sell on line, l sent the link to
    my daughter, she gets them, and pay her..l got
    two nice pink..(what else)..ones, and less than
    our five pounds..Job done! :).

    Oh! Good result in the rugby Poppy! Nice win...! :o).

  2. I like the first one, the 'active' cat. It doesn't really apply to any of mine, though...

  3. That petting shirt is fun although it doesn't really apply to us! We both like to be petted on our tummies!

    Tama and Genji