Sunday, September 1, 2019


Welcome to spring.  It was a bit cooler and overcast today but we are glad to see the back of winter although we are aware that we will still have some rubbish weather ahead of us.

Mum was up at the crack of dawn to head to work.  It was a busy day so she was glad when work was over.  She enjoyed a little supermarket shop but just about pulled her shoulder joints lugging it home.

Not much done tonight us girls are going to have a lazy one.


  1. Just gone twelve over here Poppy!x
    I've put the chicken in the little oven to
    roast..take an hour or so..and it'll be nice
    enough to eat outside to~day, warm and sunny..
    So expect Fudge will be over to see what l've
    got on my plate..he's a bit of a monkey, if
    l look away, or pop into the kitchen, he'll
    pinch some meat off my plate, he won't run
    away with it, he eats it along side my plate,
    so, l continue to eat mine, he eats his, and
    we chat away like a couple of idiots..HeHe!

    First of most favourite month..
    Very a birthday, so lots going on..!
    Couple of dinner on the 22nd and
    one on the for 10 of us..and one for
    8 of us..and guess who does ALL the cooking....
    Yep! Yours truly..well if l cook it..l'll know
    it's edible..! :o).

    I hope l've got a lazy day ahead..couple games
    of footy on later..feet off the hook!
    Though l'm phoning my daughter at 6:30 for a
    chat..! :o). Have Fun...!x

  2. Have a good lazy evening, Poppy and Mum. Happy Spring! XO

  3. It's not autumn here yet, Poppy. I'll take the next three weeks, if summer will last that long. But I am glad you are starting to feel spring weather where you are.

  4. happee springs two ewe poppy.....itz bee headed for fall time heer in de land oh trout...N de yeer seemz ta haz just zipped past ~~~~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥